1. If you have a car reservation at the airport, how can you meet the driver?
Answer: When you get to the airport, please look for the sign which your names are printed. Our driver will wait for you at the exit of the arrival gate.
2. If you have already booked a car service, but your flight is delayed, is the driver waiting for you, and do you have to pay more for the service?
Answer: In case of flight delays, you are ensure that we are still waiting for you without any charges. We will follow up your flight schedule.
3. If you have already paid for your reservation in advance, but you would like to cancel your reservation, how can we return your deposit?
Answer: If you would like cancel your booking, you have to notify us three days before the trip day, we will return you full of deposit. If not, it means you consent to pay, and you would not like to get the refund.
4. If you have any questions, who can you contact?
Answer: You can contact our officers for 24 hours by our phone number or What’s app at +66831039351 or our email address [email protected]
5. If you miss your flight because of our mistake, for example, a late driver, how can we be responsible for it?
Answer: In case of our mistake because our driver drive you to the airport late, and you cannot catch your plane, we will be responsible for buying and paying 100% of a new flight ticket for you.